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Whew, how long has it been? Seriously. I have never blogged within a month. ;( probably because I was too busy. >>;

Anyway, I found something very interesting on fmylife.com. but the thing is that this similarity was months ago and the anecdote was made a few days ago.

and this FML may have been based on this Lamebook post back in November.

I don’t want to post the Screen-capped status because of two reasons; 1. It has a picture of poop and.. 2. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. 😉

See for yourself! 😀


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I was surfing the net for a Legitimate Mystery shopping job and looked at a site called myshoppingjobs.com. While I was researching the reviews on Google, I spotted a similar website that was very familiar from the one I saw earlier. The site was called shoppingjobs.net which is a knockoff to the legit site myshoppingjobs.com. I can see how sites like this try to fool many people into thinking the site is much more legit than the other. Thanks to WOT (Web of Trust) the site pointed out the differences between shoppingjobs.net and myshoppingjobs.com.

Just look at the two sites below:

Can you tell the difference?

If you do, now you know how to spot a scam site from the other. They may look the same but always compare and contrast.

Be careful out there. 😉

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Wife of the year.   Leave a comment

This is the most controversial episode of the game show “The Moment of truth”. This is about a 26-year-old Salon assistant who gave up everything (including her marriage) for a few bucks. This episode has disastrous answers and Strong results of disgrace.

Here’s something about the episode:
“This episode was the first episode said to be scrutinized by the producers about airing the episode at all; host Mark L. Walberg alleged on air that it narrowly made it to broadcast. Narration added in post-production warns viewers of the difficulty of watching the content.”

In addition, clips from the episode have been shown on news channels as a behind-the-scenes look into the show. In May 2008, Frank Cleri filed for divorce after discovering her continued sexual relations with her ex-boyfriend along with several other men, “sometimes with more than one man at one time” Cleri stated.

she dun goofed up. :B

Just WTF was this woman on??? o_o;

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My 21st year of my life.   Leave a comment

Today was my birthday and all I Could do was finish up my Godforsaken research paper my English instructor assigned to me and the class. I could make up the stuff for today next week. Either way, today was a busy day despite my 21st year finally came. My mom couldn’t celebrate with me because the consulates from Afghanistan had come over to New Mexico visit the mosque where my mom and her best friend prays leaving all alone all day. I used my $20 her best friend gave me yesterday to some small shopping and I would have had my first sip of saké at home but I didn’t because I had things to do. I could do that tomorrow because I don’t want to get drunk and not finish my term paper that is due tomorrow. But yeah My birthday was boring today and there very little to do but to clean up my room and complete assignments. My mum came home in the evening and wanted to make my birthday dinner and my birthday cake. Life is short but I don’t know when I’ll experience the fun most 21-year-olds do on their birthday. I don’t know when but I hope it’s soon.

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The end of hope 4 New mexico.   Leave a comment

Yesterday, everyone came out and voted who would be the next person to become the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico. This morning, I am surprised that Susana Martinez, A republican candidate, will officially take office as Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico. I seriously wished that it would be Diane Denish because she would be more than happy to open the doors of education to the public, the children, and even the illiterate. My opinion? This majestic state of New Mexico is screwed for life. Susana Martinez is gonna fuck every up. Privatizing everything sounds like communist thinking and to privatize the doors of education is Social communism. As a Democrat, I am shameful to become a citizen of New Mexico if everyone agrees to lock the doors of education and even deny every one of their natural right to become smart, well-educated and to pursue their biggest dreams to change the world forever. Somehow, I feel that I should leave this state until someone, somewhere in New Mexico can stand up to a disgraceful mistake the people of New Mexico has made. I’ve been in New Mexico long enough to see Corruption happen more times than Russia (Not that I went there personally but knew about Political corruption in Russia in the news…). There is but one thing I hate about republicans…they only care about the money and the attention they’re getting rather than the well-being of the citizens of the United states and the world. These Republicans, like Susana Martinez, are nothing but right-wing attention whores wanting to a lot of B.S. for money and fuck everything up for everybody like President Bush started the so-called, “War against Terrorism” (A.K.A. The Middle Eastern oil-fight). Privatizing the rights to education from the poor is like taking away freedom from the people who needs the most: the people of New Mexico.

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The Heartbreaking life of Ashleigh B.   Leave a comment

The image of Heartbreak. T_T

The whole month was a mess today and yesterday as well. I went from a happy girl to heartbroken , misplaced and lonely. After I felt that I wanted to have loads of fun this year, I decided that I wanted take a trip to see my fav band and also have fun with my favorite person in the whole world. Unfortunately, I never made it through what I always wanted to do which threw me in this unwanted cocktail of Depression, Sadness, and heartbreak. My friend has succeeded in getting what she had wished the whole time, while I, myself, Became a failure. That’s right. I am a Failure. The thing is that I should’ve saved up and held on to my dream goal and planned ahead. But something bad had happened and it destroyed my funding and my hope to see my Sweetheart Bassist Ju-ken. I have been depressed and heartbroken since yesterday and I have been thinking About Suicide alot. Speaking of suicide, I have been thinking of the most bizarre ways to Kill myself. Such as:

1. Standing in front of a Fast moving shinkansen.
2. Getting Flattened by a steam roller.
3. Jumping from a bridge.
4. Jumping from the Tokyo Sky Tree. (if completed)

and finally…

5. Electrocution in a tub full of water.

How about that? wonderful, eh? I think so. Because I won’t ever get the best things in the world like my friend has and also will never amount to anything, why not just kill kill yourself and be through with it? 😀 I was thinking of getting to the part where I got some happy-love-joy encouragement from my family…but never mind! Being depressed and thinking about suicide was more important to me. 🙂

Talk to ya soon,

Stay classy!

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Ju-ken the Sexy Beast.   2 comments

This evening was AWESOME! Because the minute I turned to my fandom’s blog, I was excited and aroused at the same time.

…what a body. *drools*

Wow. *O* I never thought that Ju-ken’s body would be this sexy. He must work out a lot and have a leaner and muscular body For a Bassist.

Oh my goodness Fine Brothers are one thing but sexy muscular Asian men are the hottest. Especially when they model their beauty and products. Ju-ken should try out for Abercombie and Fitch with that sexy lean body and those sexy tattoos, he can do anything he wants.

To be honest, Ju-ken’s body looks much leaner than GACKT’s because it’s so much of a turn on for the ladies as leaner, muscular an sexy male figures are more manly and arousing. Oh my… -\\\\\\-

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