In Loving Memory of My LiveJournal Friends   Leave a comment

Below are the list of how many friends I’ve lost in my years on LiveJournal. I lost in a span of 3-4 years in the rise of my Livejournal blog. It’s been three and a half years since this journal started in June 2006. They are lost but not forgotten.

“The true meaning of an excellent friendship is brutally murdered by malicious lies and fatal intent to turn against another is a spirit left to die in the darkness.” ~ Ashleigh D. Battles ”

fuxxtothefuture- Lost due to Incredible interest of GACKT. 2007-2008

omg_its_gackt- Cut due to Reception. 2007-2009

Shinimegami21- Cut due to supporting a Cyberbully. 2007-2008

patback409- Deleted Journal; under new identity. 2007-2008

anei_no_tsuki- Lost due to loyalty to gackt_army. 2007-2008

gackt29- cut due to loyalty to gackt_army 2008-2009

blueimagination-Loss of Contact; Never updated Journal. 2007-2008

xx_rory_chan_xx- Failure to acknowledge request and accept friendship. 2008-2009

gacktyougirl- Lost due to GACKT Fanclub Media Fallout scandal. 2007-2008

ryo_oki78- Cut due to Failure of acknowledging Personal journal. 2007-2009

Pandora- Lost due to lacking a sense of humor. 2007-2009

These are friends that are lost but never forgotten. They will never come back and be seen again in my Journal.

They are gone forever…..


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