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If you’re ever thinking of going under the knife, take my advice…DON’T!

So many people would do anything at any amount to look super beautiful….even Jocelyn Wildenstein.

Jocelyn wildenstein after surgery

This is Jocelyn Wildenstein. She is a wealthy socialite and apparently, she looks this way because her husband loves big cats. So, She went out and spent nearly $4 million dollars on plastic surgery to look more beautiful. Unfortunately for her, it didn’t turn out so well.

This is her before her surgical nightmare:
Jocelyn wildenstein Before surgery

Doesn’t she look gorgeous? She looked super beautiful before she went under the knife. Now she looks like Frankenstein’s Wife. I bet she would pay whatever amount to look like she was before she went under the knife. It’s sad, really, that many rich people think spending millions on plastic surgery will make them look more beautiful; when it can often turn them into monsters or make them look much more creepier. -_-;

How can she kill the beauty she had within for a man? it’s unthinkable of her to do something like that. She has completely destroyed her face (and only god knows what) to win her husband back. Her face looks like a Transvestite Bodybuilder. The After pic makes me throw up a little.

So (if for a good reason), you want to go under the knife, Be careful of what you want in your body, because you may never get it back. Just Love and be good to yourself, ok?

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