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Today (This morning in Southfield, Mi…)I just faced a dictative battle with my Sister, Adrienne. i love my sister alot but then she start acting worse than my Last principal In high Dr. Hitler Webb. x( She ‘s so bossy (and has been that way since 2001.) and I’ve never been more irritated than this. This may be why I’ve been getting irate at her and getting into physical fights with her. >>; it ‘s awful, I know, but just once i just want her to stop acting like she’s the head of the house and act her own F*cking age! But don’t worry, It all be over. My 17-year-old sister will be shipped off to the Navy and get hounded to death by the Basic Drill sergeants there. Yup, I bet her bossy attitude will stop there. >:) Wait ’till


gets bossed around. lolololol xD Yup! she’s gonna get it BIG TIME!!! What goes around comes around! Karma’s gonna hit her faster than a Shinkansen Train to Osaka! >:D


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