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Anime is Everywhere…even on ads..   Leave a comment

Ok, I was looking up some Tattoo Flashing ideas and while I was looking for inspiration, this ad happen to pop up…


this cartoon ad featured above has a character from some familiar anime......

If you Guessed Rukia from Bleach, you are correct.

Wow..Google and IMVU are bored enough to invest on anything that will get the user’s attention..Porn, Army, Barbie Dolls, even Anime.

That ad there was a serious mindf%ck. The minute I stared at the ad, it rang 1,000 bells. What a strange encounter. >>;;


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The Red-winged Blackbird   Leave a comment

Have you ever seen anything so majestic? :O Neither have I. Until I saw this marvelous creature at the park yesterday. To be honest, I thought I would never see the Red-winged Blackbird in in real life and up close.

The real thing

So majestic...

I had always thought that they would only be seen in Colorado or someplace else. But that was the first time I had ever seen such a beautiful blackbird in my life. That was remarkable to see such a dark and colorful creature at the park that day. I couldn’t have been more happier. 🙂

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