Oddly enough in Japan…   1 comment

Okay so let’s start off with two WTF-worthy things I have found across the internet…I still love Japan alot but the things they come up in there are really surprising…and shocking. :O

Let’s star out with Fuji TV’s Recent comedy, Shaken baby. At first you will start to think Japan’s sense of humor is very disturbing and really have bad taste in naming comedy shows. But this show is NOT–I repeat NOT about a humorized infanticide case but rather about a Second-year College student named Odegaki Hiroshi who is dumped by his girlfriend complaining about him being “too normal and too boring” for her. so he decides to join a club called, “Shakespeare Research Group” or just “Shaken” for short. Shaken is a club just for weirdos also. >>;

The comedy’s title might not sit well with the American audience because killing infants is NOT FUNNY nor is it supposed to be humorized in anyway. Oh god think of the hysteria the title will cause in the U.S. >>;

Shakespeare syndrome should give enough clarification. 😀

Anyway, moving on to what else I found online was this article I found what it appears to be an Anti-foreigner protest that occurred last Halloween. These protesters are complaining about foreigners ruining Halloween and their “Social Order”. Lemme make this short… These Right-wing Japanese Nationalists got all butthurt about the true meaning of Halloween. In Japan, Halloween is about cute cosplayers across the Shinjuku and Harajuku Districts and showing off your new costumes all over. In the U.S. Halloween is supposedly people wearing scary and terrifying costumes as much as you can scare and “haunt” as you can and get as many treats as much as you want. Japan is just doing the “Twilight” version of Halloween. but No one cares what’s more frightening. Even I could dress as a “Ganguro” for Halloween in Japan. xD To be honest, Halloween is supposed to be scary, frightening, and haunting. Why do you think scary stories and haunted exists? Looks like Japanese Culture like to ultimately beautify a scary holiday but I guess it’s the only (day) or way for them to be hot and kawaii on Halloween and I sure do respect that. 😉

Well that’s about all I can come up with. I’ve got to go eat now. I have got pics but I’ll post them later in the next entry. 😀

Thanks for reading! ^^v


Posted August 15, 2010 by lonestargrl in Japan, Web

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  1. Actually orignially Halloween in USA was that people thought on Halloween spirits and demons (or the devil) roamed earth and to scare them off you would wear a frightening mask to scare them off with. (I just repeated myself LOL) Now days its just a holiday for people to have an excuse to get free candy, as with all holidays in the USA they’ve basically all lost their original meaning. I would suppose Japan can do what they wish if they want to dress all kawaii then they can lol. Kazu always looks super kawaii even dressed as Dr. Black Jack mmmmm!

    As for Shaken Baby I would assume if it were to ever show in USA it would be Shaken, Baby or Shakespeare Baby. I don’t know. :\

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