Ju-ken the Sexy Beast.   2 comments

This evening was AWESOME! Because the minute I turned to my fandom’s blog, I was excited and aroused at the same time.

…what a body. *drools*

Wow. *O* I never thought that Ju-ken’s body would be this sexy. He must work out a lot and have a leaner and muscular body For a Bassist.

Oh my goodness Fine Brothers are one thing but sexy muscular Asian men are the hottest. Especially when they model their beauty and products. Ju-ken should try out for Abercombie and Fitch with that sexy lean body and those sexy tattoos, he can do anything he wants.

To be honest, Ju-ken’s body looks much leaner than GACKT’s because it’s so much of a turn on for the ladies as leaner, muscular an sexy male figures are more manly and arousing. Oh my… -\\\\\\-


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2 responses to “Ju-ken the Sexy Beast.

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  1. He is a magnificent beast! I think we are in the same LJ community. My user name there is Smokin_drummer. I made it when I was rping Yamada Shinya from Luna Sea. Have you seen the new layout for his blog? I’m kind of sad that the older entries are gone but maybe he’ll find a way to restore them.

    Don’t mind my icon. It’s Ishiguro Aya former Morning Musume member and Shinya’s wife in real life. I have a blog that I use for rping and she’s married (in the rp) to a street racer/custom shop owner who happens to have Ju-ken’s face and of course that body.

    • Hello, smokin_drummer. Thank you for reading my WordPress blog. It’s nice to See that you were blog surfing. 😀 yes ju-ken is super cool and sexy and we are both on the same level. 🙂

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