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The image of Heartbreak. T_T

The whole month was a mess today and yesterday as well. I went from a happy girl to heartbroken , misplaced and lonely. After I felt that I wanted to have loads of fun this year, I decided that I wanted take a trip to see my fav band and also have fun with my favorite person in the whole world. Unfortunately, I never made it through what I always wanted to do which threw me in this unwanted cocktail of Depression, Sadness, and heartbreak. My friend has succeeded in getting what she had wished the whole time, while I, myself, Became a failure. That’s right. I am a Failure. The thing is that I should’ve saved up and held on to my dream goal and planned ahead. But something bad had happened and it destroyed my funding and my hope to see my Sweetheart Bassist Ju-ken. I have been depressed and heartbroken since yesterday and I have been thinking About Suicide alot. Speaking of suicide, I have been thinking of the most bizarre ways to Kill myself. Such as:

1. Standing in front of a Fast moving shinkansen.
2. Getting Flattened by a steam roller.
3. Jumping from a bridge.
4. Jumping from the Tokyo Sky Tree. (if completed)

and finally…

5. Electrocution in a tub full of water.

How about that? wonderful, eh? I think so. Because I won’t ever get the best things in the world like my friend has and also will never amount to anything, why not just kill kill yourself and be through with it? 😀 I was thinking of getting to the part where I got some happy-love-joy encouragement from my family…but never mind! Being depressed and thinking about suicide was more important to me. 🙂

Talk to ya soon,

Stay classy!


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