The end of hope 4 New mexico.   Leave a comment

Yesterday, everyone came out and voted who would be the next person to become the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico. This morning, I am surprised that Susana Martinez, A republican candidate, will officially take office as Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico. I seriously wished that it would be Diane Denish because she would be more than happy to open the doors of education to the public, the children, and even the illiterate. My opinion? This majestic state of New Mexico is screwed for life. Susana Martinez is gonna fuck every up. Privatizing everything sounds like communist thinking and to privatize the doors of education is Social communism. As a Democrat, I am shameful to become a citizen of New Mexico if everyone agrees to lock the doors of education and even deny every one of their natural right to become smart, well-educated and to pursue their biggest dreams to change the world forever. Somehow, I feel that I should leave this state until someone, somewhere in New Mexico can stand up to a disgraceful mistake the people of New Mexico has made. I’ve been in New Mexico long enough to see Corruption happen more times than Russia (Not that I went there personally but knew about Political corruption in Russia in the news…). There is but one thing I hate about republicans…they only care about the money and the attention they’re getting rather than the well-being of the citizens of the United states and the world. These Republicans, like Susana Martinez, are nothing but right-wing attention whores wanting to a lot of B.S. for money and fuck everything up for everybody like President Bush started the so-called, “War against Terrorism” (A.K.A. The Middle Eastern oil-fight). Privatizing the rights to education from the poor is like taking away freedom from the people who needs the most: the people of New Mexico.


Posted November 3, 2010 by lonestargrl in Life

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