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My 21st year of my life.   Leave a comment

Today was my birthday and all I Could do was finish up my Godforsaken research paper my English instructor assigned to me and the class. I could make up the stuff for today next week. Either way, today was a busy day despite my 21st year finally came. My mom couldn’t celebrate with me because the consulates from Afghanistan had come over to New Mexico visit the mosque where my mom and her best friend prays leaving all alone all day. I used my $20 her best friend gave me yesterday to some small shopping and I would have had my first sip of saké at home but I didn’t because I had things to do. I could do that tomorrow because I don’t want to get drunk and not finish my term paper that is due tomorrow. But yeah My birthday was boring today and there very little to do but to clean up my room and complete assignments. My mum came home in the evening and wanted to make my birthday dinner and my birthday cake. Life is short but I don’t know when I’ll experience the fun most 21-year-olds do on their birthday. I don’t know when but I hope it’s soon.


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The end of hope 4 New mexico.   Leave a comment

Yesterday, everyone came out and voted who would be the next person to become the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico. This morning, I am surprised that Susana Martinez, A republican candidate, will officially take office as Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico. I seriously wished that it would be Diane Denish because she would be more than happy to open the doors of education to the public, the children, and even the illiterate. My opinion? This majestic state of New Mexico is screwed for life. Susana Martinez is gonna fuck every up. Privatizing everything sounds like communist thinking and to privatize the doors of education is Social communism. As a Democrat, I am shameful to become a citizen of New Mexico if everyone agrees to lock the doors of education and even deny every one of their natural right to become smart, well-educated and to pursue their biggest dreams to change the world forever. Somehow, I feel that I should leave this state until someone, somewhere in New Mexico can stand up to a disgraceful mistake the people of New Mexico has made. I’ve been in New Mexico long enough to see Corruption happen more times than Russia (Not that I went there personally but knew about Political corruption in Russia in the news…). There is but one thing I hate about republicans…they only care about the money and the attention they’re getting rather than the well-being of the citizens of the United states and the world. These Republicans, like Susana Martinez, are nothing but right-wing attention whores wanting to a lot of B.S. for money and fuck everything up for everybody like President Bush started the so-called, “War against Terrorism” (A.K.A. The Middle Eastern oil-fight). Privatizing the rights to education from the poor is like taking away freedom from the people who needs the most: the people of New Mexico.

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The Heartbreaking life of Ashleigh B.   Leave a comment

The image of Heartbreak. T_T

The whole month was a mess today and yesterday as well. I went from a happy girl to heartbroken , misplaced and lonely. After I felt that I wanted to have loads of fun this year, I decided that I wanted take a trip to see my fav band and also have fun with my favorite person in the whole world. Unfortunately, I never made it through what I always wanted to do which threw me in this unwanted cocktail of Depression, Sadness, and heartbreak. My friend has succeeded in getting what she had wished the whole time, while I, myself, Became a failure. That’s right. I am a Failure. The thing is that I should’ve saved up and held on to my dream goal and planned ahead. But something bad had happened and it destroyed my funding and my hope to see my Sweetheart Bassist Ju-ken. I have been depressed and heartbroken since yesterday and I have been thinking About Suicide alot. Speaking of suicide, I have been thinking of the most bizarre ways to Kill myself. Such as:

1. Standing in front of a Fast moving shinkansen.
2. Getting Flattened by a steam roller.
3. Jumping from a bridge.
4. Jumping from the Tokyo Sky Tree. (if completed)

and finally…

5. Electrocution in a tub full of water.

How about that? wonderful, eh? I think so. Because I won’t ever get the best things in the world like my friend has and also will never amount to anything, why not just kill kill yourself and be through with it? 😀 I was thinking of getting to the part where I got some happy-love-joy encouragement from my family…but never mind! Being depressed and thinking about suicide was more important to me. 🙂

Talk to ya soon,

Stay classy!

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The longest day in College.   Leave a comment

Today appeared to be the Longest day on the first week of College. Unfortunately for me, I had to spend the whole day investigating why I had a ‘W’ (the letter that means ‘Withdrawn’ in most colleges) on my Spring 2010 records. Today I discovered a ‘W’ on my Language lab class from last semester and I wanted to know why. The head tutor of the language, Ms. Galante was very difficult to track down. So basically, I spent 5 1/2 hours trying to search for the lady and the whereabouts and leads of this tutor became very confusing. Since I had to wait for the other tutors to show up at the Language Lab, I stopped by a Dance club called, “Club DDR”. It’s this club where you have a shot at dancing to Dance Dance Revolution hit in the video. This day marked my first time to learn how to dance to the music and the game. It was hard at first then I suddenly got the hang of it. It was very fun. so I signed up and enjoyed. 😉 (I should’ve done this years ago! >>;)

The college where i’m studying is FAR behind on me and the other students’ financial aid stuff and I still need about $300 to cover my textbooks for the whole semester and the funding takes time…as much as 1 WHOLE week. So far, My financial assistance has been under a lot of scrutiny and I though I was too late with my financial aid. Turns out it was the system not the Deadline. Now I need to figure out what I need for the semester and how to spend it much wisely. I’m gonna need it. There’s so much to do tomorrow. I hope this semester comes easily without stress this time around. I have got a lot to do.

But for now, I am TIRED AS HELL!

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What an interesting day today has been.   Leave a comment

Today, I was selling an item on the internet and they were a pair of Ed Hardy jeans. I am selling them for $250.86 on I am deciding on how to get my eBay business off the ground and i still haven’t sold a thing yet. Dx how sad. 😦

On the internet, I was on Danny Choo’s blog today and I have never been so impressed and amazed on how much publicity he was getting as an A-list blogger. *o* It was so good, I was picturing myself in the photos he was taking. I was being interviewed by him about my fantastic work about being the first foreign girl to make such amazing manga artwork. I got so overwhelmed about how much publicity I was getting and tried to cry but I kept yelling at myself to smile. It was hard. ;_;

In life, I Drew manga and it didn’t turn out too well. 😦 I Took a lot of photos while I was outside and the photos of the sky and the Landscape are cool, funny and interesting….

The Cloud covering the sun.

Clouds over the mountains

Blow dryer or ray gun? You decide.

Some of the pics I looks as as though I didn’t take the pictures correctly. I dunno. All I have is a camera and shoot whatever’s interesting and funny. (laughs) Anyway back at home, I found some leftover yakult drink in the fridge in my house. I have tried some recently and it taste pretty fruity and it’s very nutritious. My mom was lucky enough to find some at the food bank while she was volunteering. I sometimes wonder how lucky I am to have a great mother that cares so much about my interests in Japanese Cultures. (laughs)

Um, waiter....There's a Yakult in my Drink...

So many things inspire me a lot wherever I go. Whether it’s on the internet on Outside my house; I always take my camera and take pics of what’s in the shy and the most beautiful within my surroundings…even there’s a cloud that highly resembles a chicken or a cloud that resembles the katakana character, Mu (ム).

I think Japan is trying to tell me something...

But as always, I love to tell the world what i’m doing because it never ceases to amuse what I experience. Hopefully, I can achieve the goals I created Earlier this year and finally complete them in the next.

see y’all again soon! 😉

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Long time, no view. :(   2 comments

Whew, How long has it been? Looks as though the last time I post on this blog was when I commented about my sister graduating from high school and going to boot camp. Well, Fortunately on both parts both of those events have passed My sister’s doing okay. She finished boot camp and is now in the Naval Hospital completing her doctor’s assistant training . (great 4 her. :D) it’s almost time for me to go back to College (and my Japanese lessons) and I have just started to read books (like i should >w>) but yeah my vocabulary is a bit out-of-context. I am still working on that, though.

My life today is that i’m enjoying reading people’s FMLs (look it up) all day and laughing at the you-deserve-it FMLs and saying ‘ouch’ to the Your-life-Sucks FMLs. I have to set up my to-do list on what to do in the coming fall season. I thinking that I should get another computer since my mom is in a desperate need for one. But, yeah I’m putting that into consideration. What I’m also putting into consideration is getting my website blog on But I may need more info on blogging- like-a-boss and learning how to get comments and instant pay. >>; That will be complete in due time and for now I’m gonna be working with’s domain. ^^;

*Sigh* The song I’m listening to right is downright soothing. The song is called, ‘Hikari no Suashi’ which translates to “Bare feet in the Light”. I started to listen to it after I was listening to ‘Tsuki no ie’ or “House of the Moon”. It was one of the best songs ever made by Akino Arai. Anyway, about Hikari no Suashi, the song is performed by Ishibashi Chie. Great Seiyuu with a soothing voice.

Okay I got to go now gotta prepare for the big week and i’ll let ya know what happened in the coming week. 😉

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ok…I’m Ready.   Leave a comment

Hello everybody. I’m going to take my driving test at the DMV this morning…and I feel more than ready. I’ve been under some serious training since 2007 and I feel that this is my time to get my Driver’s license. I am soooooo tired of spending $2 everytime I take the taxi. But that’s ok…it probably the way life is today. Today, I am no longer going to take my high-dosage medication ever again. I almost couldn’t sleep at all last night. Ugh, thank goodness for sleep aids. xD

So…wish me luck I’m gonna land a piece of history in my life time. 😉

EDIT: I got my License…F^CK YEAH!

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