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The Great Passing of Aaliyah.   Leave a comment

Ever since the “Tragic plane crash”, Aaliyah was remembered as the most talented singer in the music industry. Today marked the 9th Anniversary of the passing of great singer Aaliyah. I nearly forgot about her…it’s been nine years and I still have been missing her so much. *sigh* What an angel and I wish that I met her though. She closely reminded me of my sister [almost]. I’m now 20 years old and nothing has changed for me except the music, though. Today’s music went from “Shine” to “Sh%t” since she died. Before 2001, there was the best artists of hip hop in the industry and then After that, all I see is rump-shaking girls and calling them “hoes”, “bitches”, “sluts” and whatever indescribable garbage these so-called artists sing about. Hip-hop to me is now a useless form of music since then.

This artist has been famous ever since she was 16 and was the ONLY GIRL WITH REAL TALENT and an absolutely beautiful singing voice has been on my playlist for nine straight years. Why did she die? I don’t know and i’ll never know. It’s so sad and very disappointing that this happened and could’ve been prevented…a lot. If only she had access to a much larger airplane and a completely sober pilot, she wouldn’t have been dead. In fact Her parent sued CESSNA for PREVENTABLE damages for an undisclosed amount. It’s not clear if they won the lawsuit or not but the singer should’ve been treated to better transportation.

She has done so much for the music industry from 1994-2001. She did 2 films (4 if she was still alive) and won awards for her best music and best albums of all time. It’s been a long time since the world changed. Many artists will never forget her including Missy Elliot, DMX, Ciara and many more who have met the artists or heard her best song that shaped the hip hop industry.

If Aaliyah were still alive, she would’ve been 31.


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