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A related FML.   Leave a comment

Whew, how long has it been? Seriously. I have never blogged within a month. ;( probably because I was too busy. >>;

Anyway, I found something very interesting on but the thing is that this similarity was months ago and the anecdote was made a few days ago.

and this FML may have been based on this Lamebook post back in November.

I don’t want to post the Screen-capped status because of two reasons; 1. It has a picture of poop and.. 2. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. 😉

See for yourself! 😀


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Mystery Shopping Scam Site Revealed!   Leave a comment

I was surfing the net for a Legitimate Mystery shopping job and looked at a site called While I was researching the reviews on Google, I spotted a similar website that was very familiar from the one I saw earlier. The site was called which is a knockoff to the legit site I can see how sites like this try to fool many people into thinking the site is much more legit than the other. Thanks to WOT (Web of Trust) the site pointed out the differences between and

Just look at the two sites below:

Can you tell the difference?

If you do, now you know how to spot a scam site from the other. They may look the same but always compare and contrast.

Be careful out there. 😉

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Wife of the year.   Leave a comment

This is the most controversial episode of the game show “The Moment of truth”. This is about a 26-year-old Salon assistant who gave up everything (including her marriage) for a few bucks. This episode has disastrous answers and Strong results of disgrace.

Here’s something about the episode:
“This episode was the first episode said to be scrutinized by the producers about airing the episode at all; host Mark L. Walberg alleged on air that it narrowly made it to broadcast. Narration added in post-production warns viewers of the difficulty of watching the content.”

In addition, clips from the episode have been shown on news channels as a behind-the-scenes look into the show. In May 2008, Frank Cleri filed for divorce after discovering her continued sexual relations with her ex-boyfriend along with several other men, “sometimes with more than one man at one time” Cleri stated.

she dun goofed up. :B

Just WTF was this woman on??? o_o;

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FMLs of the year: Messin’ with the homeless…   Leave a comment

Ahaha, Welcome to the very first edition of FMLs of the year. Where the FMLs go from “Your life sux” to “You f*cking deserve it!!!”

This first one just made himself not only a disservice to humanity but also a disgrace as well. Looks like he got what was coming…

Karma's a really big bitch... 😐

This FML goes in the “You F*cking Deserve it” category as he should’ve known better to not f/ck with the homeless man than to feel sorry about the way he lives. Too bad there’s no category in the Darwin awards for “Asinine judgement towards the less fortunate”. He would definitely be nominated for one. 😦

Here’s another FML that totally sucks…badly. The OP (original poster) saw something that would require several punctures to the eyeballs or one of those memory erasers shown in those Men In Black movies..

That must've been worse than tubgirl and Lemon party Combined. X_X

Damn. I’d hate to be that guy. Seeing somebody block my exit and taking a huge dump in public would require some serious therapy and screwdrivers to the eyes. No one would’ve imagined the fate OP had gone through.

Here’s another that sickens my stomach. This next OP Held out on this Less Fortunate person shortly after getting a soda. Karma kicked in the instant OP was being selfish.

Instant karma is one footing away....

I don’t know what’s worse, refusing to give a few quarters to a less fortunate man or being Karma’s next target for failing to do a good deed. You decide.

Most of them Got what was coming while one didn’t have an unsee button embedded in his brain. Too bad they had it coming or else be life’s next victim to shame, Embarrassment and disgrace.

Thanks for reading. 😉

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Oddly enough in Japan…   1 comment

Okay so let’s start off with two WTF-worthy things I have found across the internet…I still love Japan alot but the things they come up in there are really surprising…and shocking. :O

Let’s star out with Fuji TV’s Recent comedy, Shaken baby. At first you will start to think Japan’s sense of humor is very disturbing and really have bad taste in naming comedy shows. But this show is NOT–I repeat NOT about a humorized infanticide case but rather about a Second-year College student named Odegaki Hiroshi who is dumped by his girlfriend complaining about him being “too normal and too boring” for her. so he decides to join a club called, “Shakespeare Research Group” or just “Shaken” for short. Shaken is a club just for weirdos also. >>;

The comedy’s title might not sit well with the American audience because killing infants is NOT FUNNY nor is it supposed to be humorized in anyway. Oh god think of the hysteria the title will cause in the U.S. >>;

Shakespeare syndrome should give enough clarification. 😀

Anyway, moving on to what else I found online was this article I found what it appears to be an Anti-foreigner protest that occurred last Halloween. These protesters are complaining about foreigners ruining Halloween and their “Social Order”. Lemme make this short… These Right-wing Japanese Nationalists got all butthurt about the true meaning of Halloween. In Japan, Halloween is about cute cosplayers across the Shinjuku and Harajuku Districts and showing off your new costumes all over. In the U.S. Halloween is supposedly people wearing scary and terrifying costumes as much as you can scare and “haunt” as you can and get as many treats as much as you want. Japan is just doing the “Twilight” version of Halloween. but No one cares what’s more frightening. Even I could dress as a “Ganguro” for Halloween in Japan. xD To be honest, Halloween is supposed to be scary, frightening, and haunting. Why do you think scary stories and haunted exists? Looks like Japanese Culture like to ultimately beautify a scary holiday but I guess it’s the only (day) or way for them to be hot and kawaii on Halloween and I sure do respect that. 😉

Well that’s about all I can come up with. I’ve got to go eat now. I have got pics but I’ll post them later in the next entry. 😀

Thanks for reading! ^^v

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What an interesting day today has been.   Leave a comment

Today, I was selling an item on the internet and they were a pair of Ed Hardy jeans. I am selling them for $250.86 on I am deciding on how to get my eBay business off the ground and i still haven’t sold a thing yet. Dx how sad. 😦

On the internet, I was on Danny Choo’s blog today and I have never been so impressed and amazed on how much publicity he was getting as an A-list blogger. *o* It was so good, I was picturing myself in the photos he was taking. I was being interviewed by him about my fantastic work about being the first foreign girl to make such amazing manga artwork. I got so overwhelmed about how much publicity I was getting and tried to cry but I kept yelling at myself to smile. It was hard. ;_;

In life, I Drew manga and it didn’t turn out too well. 😦 I Took a lot of photos while I was outside and the photos of the sky and the Landscape are cool, funny and interesting….

The Cloud covering the sun.

Clouds over the mountains

Blow dryer or ray gun? You decide.

Some of the pics I looks as as though I didn’t take the pictures correctly. I dunno. All I have is a camera and shoot whatever’s interesting and funny. (laughs) Anyway back at home, I found some leftover yakult drink in the fridge in my house. I have tried some recently and it taste pretty fruity and it’s very nutritious. My mom was lucky enough to find some at the food bank while she was volunteering. I sometimes wonder how lucky I am to have a great mother that cares so much about my interests in Japanese Cultures. (laughs)

Um, waiter....There's a Yakult in my Drink...

So many things inspire me a lot wherever I go. Whether it’s on the internet on Outside my house; I always take my camera and take pics of what’s in the shy and the most beautiful within my surroundings…even there’s a cloud that highly resembles a chicken or a cloud that resembles the katakana character, Mu (ム).

I think Japan is trying to tell me something...

But as always, I love to tell the world what i’m doing because it never ceases to amuse what I experience. Hopefully, I can achieve the goals I created Earlier this year and finally complete them in the next.

see y’all again soon! 😉

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Long time, no view. :(   2 comments

Whew, How long has it been? Looks as though the last time I post on this blog was when I commented about my sister graduating from high school and going to boot camp. Well, Fortunately on both parts both of those events have passed My sister’s doing okay. She finished boot camp and is now in the Naval Hospital completing her doctor’s assistant training . (great 4 her. :D) it’s almost time for me to go back to College (and my Japanese lessons) and I have just started to read books (like i should >w>) but yeah my vocabulary is a bit out-of-context. I am still working on that, though.

My life today is that i’m enjoying reading people’s FMLs (look it up) all day and laughing at the you-deserve-it FMLs and saying ‘ouch’ to the Your-life-Sucks FMLs. I have to set up my to-do list on what to do in the coming fall season. I thinking that I should get another computer since my mom is in a desperate need for one. But, yeah I’m putting that into consideration. What I’m also putting into consideration is getting my website blog on But I may need more info on blogging- like-a-boss and learning how to get comments and instant pay. >>; That will be complete in due time and for now I’m gonna be working with’s domain. ^^;

*Sigh* The song I’m listening to right is downright soothing. The song is called, ‘Hikari no Suashi’ which translates to “Bare feet in the Light”. I started to listen to it after I was listening to ‘Tsuki no ie’ or “House of the Moon”. It was one of the best songs ever made by Akino Arai. Anyway, about Hikari no Suashi, the song is performed by Ishibashi Chie. Great Seiyuu with a soothing voice.

Okay I got to go now gotta prepare for the big week and i’ll let ya know what happened in the coming week. 😉

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