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My 21st year of my life.   Leave a comment

Today was my birthday and all I Could do was finish up my Godforsaken research paper my English instructor assigned to me and the class. I could make up the stuff for today next week. Either way, today was a busy day despite my 21st year finally came. My mom couldn’t celebrate with me because the consulates from Afghanistan had come over to New Mexico visit the mosque where my mom and her best friend prays leaving all alone all day. I used my $20 her best friend gave me yesterday to some small shopping and I would have had my first sip of saké at home but I didn’t because I had things to do. I could do that tomorrow because I don’t want to get drunk and not finish my term paper that is due tomorrow. But yeah My birthday was boring today and there very little to do but to clean up my room and complete assignments. My mum came home in the evening and wanted to make my birthday dinner and my birthday cake. Life is short but I don’t know when I’ll experience the fun most 21-year-olds do on their birthday. I don’t know when but I hope it’s soon.


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Ju-ken the Sexy Beast.   2 comments

This evening was AWESOME! Because the minute I turned to my fandom’s blog, I was excited and aroused at the same time.

…what a body. *drools*

Wow. *O* I never thought that Ju-ken’s body would be this sexy. He must work out a lot and have a leaner and muscular body For a Bassist.

Oh my goodness Fine Brothers are one thing but sexy muscular Asian men are the hottest. Especially when they model their beauty and products. Ju-ken should try out for Abercombie and Fitch with that sexy lean body and those sexy tattoos, he can do anything he wants.

To be honest, Ju-ken’s body looks much leaner than GACKT’s because it’s so much of a turn on for the ladies as leaner, muscular an sexy male figures are more manly and arousing. Oh my… -\\\\\\-

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Long time, no view. :(   2 comments

Whew, How long has it been? Looks as though the last time I post on this blog was when I commented about my sister graduating from high school and going to boot camp. Well, Fortunately on both parts both of those events have passed My sister’s doing okay. She finished boot camp and is now in the Naval Hospital completing her doctor’s assistant training . (great 4 her. :D) it’s almost time for me to go back to College (and my Japanese lessons) and I have just started to read books (like i should >w>) but yeah my vocabulary is a bit out-of-context. I am still working on that, though.

My life today is that i’m enjoying reading people’s FMLs (look it up) all day and laughing at the you-deserve-it FMLs and saying ‘ouch’ to the Your-life-Sucks FMLs. I have to set up my to-do list on what to do in the coming fall season. I thinking that I should get another computer since my mom is in a desperate need for one. But, yeah I’m putting that into consideration. What I’m also putting into consideration is getting my website blog on But I may need more info on blogging- like-a-boss and learning how to get comments and instant pay. >>; That will be complete in due time and for now I’m gonna be working with’s domain. ^^;

*Sigh* The song I’m listening to right is downright soothing. The song is called, ‘Hikari no Suashi’ which translates to “Bare feet in the Light”. I started to listen to it after I was listening to ‘Tsuki no ie’ or “House of the Moon”. It was one of the best songs ever made by Akino Arai. Anyway, about Hikari no Suashi, the song is performed by Ishibashi Chie. Great Seiyuu with a soothing voice.

Okay I got to go now gotta prepare for the big week and i’ll let ya know what happened in the coming week. 😉

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ok…I’m Ready.   Leave a comment

Hello everybody. I’m going to take my driving test at the DMV this morning…and I feel more than ready. I’ve been under some serious training since 2007 and I feel that this is my time to get my Driver’s license. I am soooooo tired of spending $2 everytime I take the taxi. But that’s ok…it probably the way life is today. Today, I am no longer going to take my high-dosage medication ever again. I almost couldn’t sleep at all last night. Ugh, thank goodness for sleep aids. xD

So…wish me luck I’m gonna land a piece of history in my life time. 😉

EDIT: I got my License…F^CK YEAH!

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Ju-ken’s best live yet…With QQ.   Leave a comment

When was the last time I made an entry about Ju-ken the Bass? never? Oh well, This will be the first one in weeks. Just Yesterday, (in japan’s Time) Quintillion Quiz has performed at La mama stage house venue in Shibuya.

Quintillion Quiz

Great Job! Quintillion quiz has made their live very successful this year.

In their latest entry, they were thanking everyone who attended their live along with the other bands who performed. They also say “cheers for Good work in 2010” meaning everything went really well this year..

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New year’s Resolutions   Leave a comment

Well yesterday was New years Day and I haven’t told you what my goals are for this year…well here are some I’ve come up with…

1. Get Driving License
2. Clean house when needed
3. Save TONS of money
4. Study Japanese (the Right way!)
5. Spend less time on the Computer
6. Help Little brother
7. Stop Biting nails (Terrible habit)
8. Draw more!
9. Sleep early.
10 Take more care of your hair.

Hopefully I can accomplish these goals all the way to end of this year and complete these goals with success. Wish me Luck! ^^v

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Goodbye 2009!   Leave a comment

2010 is almost here and I still haven t learned what’s up. Juken is my sweetie. that’s all I know and I hope for him to have agood life. sorry that this entry isn’t making much sense toyu. but my brain is really wonky at the moment I’l update more as the rush comes….

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