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The most irritating commercial ever!   1 comment

Does anybody know what ticks me off when it comes to watching TV? Terrorism and how the U.S Government claims to have it under control? No. Santa fe, NM’s frivolous spending crisis let alone the economy? No. The war? No. It’s these irritating Swiffer commercials! Dx

Sorry, Broom.

Sorry Broom, It looks like the lady wants to be with Swiffer Instead.

Ever since 2007, Procter & Gamble Have been bringing up these “Leave your mop in the dust and start using Swiffer WetJet” every 20 seconds in between commercial breaks. It’s like they’re airing “This [marketing object] is waaaaaaaay better than [your current object]” every 5 seconds into the commercial breaks of your favorite show and plans to annoy the hell out of you until you buy whatever it is they’re marketing then it will cease once you bought the product their commercial has annoyed you with. So far, they have used about 5 Classic tracks within a span of 3 years. The first one was (correct me if I’m wrong), One way or another by Blondie, The second was Baby Come Back by Hall and Oates Player, the third one was Don’t you want me by Human League, the fourth was Love Stinks by J.Gelis Band and finally to this day right now, the fifth one is Who’s That Lady? by The Isley Brothers. Swiffer never ceases to annoy and/or aggravate us consumers in to getting the products “we must have” to clean our houses let alone floors. I’m afraid Swiffer’s next track is gonna be Dust in the wind by Kansas. :S

Don’t get me wrong, but me watching these Swiffer commercials make me giggle and my eyes hurt. They irritate my eyes so badly that I need Visine to calm the eye pain. I’m not kidding. Now i’m blogging to no end because i’m bored and like to say whatever’s on my mind.. These aggravating Swiffer Commercials is one of them. If I ever look at another Swiffer Commercial on TV, I’m going to buy a Swiffer product and set it on Fire.


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