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Yesterday, everyone came out and voted who would be the next person to become the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico. This morning, I am surprised that Susana Martinez, A republican candidate, will officially take office as Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico. I seriously wished that it would be Diane Denish because she would be more than happy to open the doors of education to the public, the children, and even the illiterate. My opinion? This majestic state of New Mexico is screwed for life. Susana Martinez is gonna fuck every up. Privatizing everything sounds like communist thinking and to privatize the doors of education is Social communism. As a Democrat, I am shameful to become a citizen of New Mexico if everyone agrees to lock the doors of education and even deny every one of their natural right to become smart, well-educated and to pursue their biggest dreams to change the world forever. Somehow, I feel that I should leave this state until someone, somewhere in New Mexico can stand up to a disgraceful mistake the people of New Mexico has made. I’ve been in New Mexico long enough to see Corruption happen more times than Russia (Not that I went there personally but knew about Political corruption in Russia in the news…). There is but one thing I hate about republicans…they only care about the money and the attention they’re getting rather than the well-being of the citizens of the United states and the world. These Republicans, like Susana Martinez, are nothing but right-wing attention whores wanting to a lot of B.S. for money and fuck everything up for everybody like President Bush started the so-called, “War against Terrorism” (A.K.A. The Middle Eastern oil-fight). Privatizing the rights to education from the poor is like taking away freedom from the people who needs the most: the people of New Mexico.


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The turth hurts

399 years old and still doesn't know how to spend money.

I used to feel happy to become a part of this little old city called Santa fe in this grand state of New Mexico. I kept wondering why the city’s taxes are so high that people survive the cost of living in less than 6 months. Just now, I know why….The City and State Government


It’s CRAZY! Why is this 400-year-old city putting its glamor first than its needs? All of the NM residents’ money is out the window for the day when Santa Fé turns 400. For just 24 hours, 3 million dollars are used very poorly to impress the world than spruce itself up for the big day. It’s like President George W Bush spent over 5 trillion dollars to fund the war than to do something about the dangerously high crime rates in big cities and make this Country much more safer. Hearing stories about large sums of money being flushed down the toilet makes me so ashamed of being an American. The Economy is in deep doo-doo already, Why make it worse? Honestly, I believe that this city would’ve done better–no, A LOT better. Because you see, many small businesses in Santa Fé are in financial turmoil and very close to filing Chapter 11. I read in an article that not only did they spend $370,000+ for more 100 hardcover copies of The History of Santa Fé, Vancouver and Jamestown, But gave $5,000 to NM Attorney Carlos Fierro after he killed a pedestrian in a drunk driving accident. Which maddens me as a whole because an SFCC Student would’ve used the 5 Grand to pay off Tuition costs–let alone give away a scholarship worth that much. But NO! They gave the money to him and not the struggling College Student. It’s not fair! This city would’ve invested in itself other than the countries who made Santa Fé and this Country. Public Transportation could use some of that money as well. Right now, Public Transportation is so horrible that Commuters have turned to hitchhiking and carpooling just to get where they need to go. Rather than wait 1-2 hours for a bus to come. Instead of Santa Fé investing in More buses, vans and Taxi cabs, they turned to sending Cookies to the U.K. which cost $264 to ship and another $1,700 per person to make the exquisite birthday dinner. What else? $20,000 a seat for the reenactment on how Santa Fé was Found at the Lensic??!? *headdesk*

This is the reason my Mom wants to Leave New Mexico. It has gone from Financially sane to out debt within the span of 3 years. Personally, I’ve lost faith in living in Santa fe. There is no Hope in being Financially stable. Good luck praying to Jesus and the Virgin Mary when you become broke and in desperate need of money to stay afloat with the rest of us. If Santa Fé was a 16-year-old Girl and knew nothing about personal finance and spent frivolously with a Credit card on unwanted goods than her urgent needs, She would be Grounded for life and put her parents in 16 years of Debt. Frivolous spending is the reason Santa fe is “The Most expensive little town in the state of New Mexico”

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